Aliens Calling

by Daviel ॐ 432Hz

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Music from space
C=256Hz C#=272Hz D=288Hz D#=304Hz E=320Hz
F=344Hz F#=368Hz G=392Hz G#=408Hz A=432Hz
A#=456Hz B=480Hz


released 21 April 2015




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Daviel ॐ 432Hz Turin, Italy

I'm a producer and music therapist.
All instruments and notes are in multiples of 8 (432Hz), harmonic bpm, alternative scale, fibonacci series, bineural brainwave.
The 8Hz allows you to communicate with the DNA, synchronizes the brain, increasing the intuitions, stimulates the pineal gland.
My purpose is to activating the hidden potential of DNA and increase the vibration of the body.
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